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Stay on top of a repayment plan

Research released this week revealed the dwindling number of SME bank loans in the UK. According to Funding Options, the drop in loans totals to a value nearing$145 million every month, primarily because of regulatory changes on bank overdrafts. This underscores the fact that even the most successful businesses are at risk of their overdrafts […]

Capitec Set for Legal Battle Over Reckless Lending Charges

Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd., South Africa’s biggest provider of unsecured loans,saidit has lodged its opposition to reckless-lending charges filed by Summit Financial Partners and will submit responding court documents early next month. “We’re not payday lenders,” Chief Executive Officer Gerrie Fourie said in an interview in Stellenbosch, near Cape Town. “We’re confident we can win […]

Bust unicorn Powa will leave over £100 million in unpaid debts – and only £1 million can be recovered from the business

Documents have been filed for both Powa Technologies Group, the overall holding company which raised money, and UK trading company Powa Technologies Ltd, which owned the bulk of the technology and conducted business. The document for the group company shows that, when intergroup loans and internal business are discounted, management expects £137.25 million of debts […]

The 3 best places to get a personal loan

Personal Loans » Ben Pipe Photography/Cultura/Getty Images If you believe online financial technology startups are the only firms offering personal loans, you believe in a myth. Unsecured loans are widely available at various institutions. Terms, fees and interest rates vary among lenders. Before you apply, look for the best offers from these 3 types of […]

Restructure debt in 90 days: RBI

Restructure debt in 90 days: RBI Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday said finance companies will have to implement a debt-restructuring package, under the Joint Lenders Forum and multiple banking arrangements in 90 days. Other restructuring packages should be implemented within 120 days from the date of the receipt of application by the non-banking […]

Getting ready for more HMDA

Historically, commercial lenders paid little attention to the data collection and reporting requirements of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.1 Enacted in 1975, the purpose of HMDA is to provide the public with loan data that can be used to assess how financial institutions are serving the housing needs of their communities. Not something on commercial […]

ODing on the overdraft

The PMs scheme to reach the poor by giving them bank access was a great idea, but giving them unsecured loans may not be. Two years ago, on Indias independence day, prime minister Modi announced an ambitious financial inclusion scheme. It was officially launched as the Pradhan Mantri Jana Dhan Yojana (JDY), with the explicit […]

Home improvement loans available through HRDC

Homeowners in the following counties can apply for Fix Up loans year round through HRDC: Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Kittson, Lake of the Woods, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, Roseau, Todd and Wadena. Income limits go up to $99,500 for regular secured and unsecured loans, and there is no income limit for energy efficiency […]

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