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Peabody Energy Corp. Filing Bankruptcy Has Dugger Residents Concerned

(DUGGER) – The announcement that Peabody Energy Corp. was filing for bankruptcy has made residents of Dugger, where the company operates the Bear Run Mine, nervous. While the coal company says normal operations are expected to continue, some residents say theyre worried Dugger will become a ghost town if the mine closes. The company says […]

Government-Directed Lending Comes to America

In perhaps the greatest example of wishful thinking we’ve seen in recent times, the Consumer Financial Protection Board Administrator Richard Cordray testified before Congress last month that banks and credit unions should step up their loans to low-income workers with poor credit by creating new products that compete with payday loans. It is a notion […]

Filing bankruptcy when no other options are available

THE last few years have been financially difficult for a lot of people. When the real estate marked crashed a few years ago, millions of people found themselves with a mortgage they could not afford. A lot of people simply walked away from their homes out of desperation in some cases, they were forced out […]

BB&T, Bank of America: Monday’s Rates for Home Mortgages Apr 4, 2016

BBT Bank Standard 30 year fixed rate mortgage interest ratesat BBT Corp. (NYSE:BBT) stand at 3.500%yielding an APR of 4.033% today.The short term 15 year loan dealsstart at 2.750% at the bankcarrying an APR of 3.369% today. 20 year fixed rate mortgage interest ratesare listed at 2.625% at the bankand an APR of 3.355%. Todays […]

Are judgments dischargeable in bankruptcy?

A DEBTOR with a judgment against him needs to determine if he can discharge his personal liability under that judgment in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. That would depend whether the underlying debt is dischargeable or not. (In bankruptcy, a discharge is the final order issued by the bankruptcy court which releases the debtor from […]

Capitec challenges the monopoly of established banks

My wife banks with Capitec Bank. She was snatched away from Standard Bank by the 15-year-old retail lender almost five years ago. Today she is one of the 7.3 million customers who have flocked into the open arms of Capitec, which has consistently built its reputation on being the cheapest bank to transact in South […]

Cyprus based RCB says does not provide unsecured loans

ATHENS, April 4 (Reuters) – Cyprus-based lender RCB said on Monday it had never provided unsecured loans, in a reference to a report by Britains Guardian newspaper that it could have helped a small circle of Vladimir Putins friends amass fortunes. RCB Bank, as a principal (sic), did not and does not provide unsecured loans, […]

How Zillow and other Seattle-area tech ventures are tackling homelessness and housing issues

A homeless person on a Ballard sidewalk as development booms nearby. (Kurt Schlosser / GeekWire) From Zillow and Amazon to Fuse IQ and Seattle In Progress, tech companies large and small are stepping up to help address some of the challenges of┬áthe Seattle region’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis. Housing advocates, elected leaders and many […]

Dex Media Plans Chapter 11 Filing

Phone-book publisher Dex Media Inc. is planning to file for chapter 11 protection for the third time in seven years next month, The Wall Street Journal reports. Oil giant BP PLC is paying Cal Dive International Inc. more than $3.5 million to settle damages tied to the Deepwater Horizon spill, and the underwater repair business […]

Millennials Need Credit (But Don’t Have It)

According to this article, one survey showed that 63% of adults aged 18-29 didnt have a single credit card, while another 23% had one only Visa or Mastercard. The article goes on to point out that the holiday spending season can be the perfect time for millennials to learn how to use credit cards wisely, […]

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